We will attend your client or your witness to take full instructions in order to prepare a statement. Our service will be tailored to your needs – you may just want us to take notes to enable you to draft a statement; on the other hand, you may want us to do the whole job and provide you with the finished, approved and signed, statement – ready for filing with the court and serving on the other party/parties to the proceedings.

square-statement statements

statements by our experienced in-house solicitor

Our experienced in-house solicitor, with over twenty years’ experience in litigation, will provide a top-class statement to support your client’s case. It goes without saying that we are therefore fully conversant with the rules of evidence (e.g. hearsay and opinion evidence) and the format requirements (e.g. Statements of Truth).

If time is against you or your client or witness is somewhat inaccessible, you may find this service a cost-effective solution. Please do contact us to discuss this further if you feel we may be able to help.

‘We have always been extremely impressed with the professionalism and by the level of ongoing communication that we have received for each of our cases.’

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