accident investigations & locus reports

Our experienced investigator will provide a comprehensive locus report in a format of your choice. This report may include, if required, photographs, videos, sound recordings, plans, illustrations and a written narrative.


obtaining witness statements

We will attend a witness or party to the proceedings to obtain a statement in a format which will be compliant with the relevant procedural rules. We are aware that with the time constraints you face this may be the cost-effective solution for you


collection & delivery of documents or court bundles

Facing a tight deadline and need an urgent collection and delivery? We understand your predicament and so offer an urgent, same day service. Just call and we will be on our way!


taking notes in court proceedings

We may well be your cost effective solution. If it is not practicable for you to attend court, but you regard it as important to have a record of a court hearing, then please contact us. We have experienced staff who will take detailed notes, and who will, if required, provide a printed summary report on the hearing.


attending clients with counsel

We know that many clients are daunted by the prospect of attending court. Many are concerned with meeting their barrister for the first time. They ask you to come with them, but time and cost constraints simply do not allow it. Whether in conference or at court, our experienced in-house solicitor will assist and support your client throughout.


property reports

We attend both domestic and commercial properties to provide you with a photographic and narrative report directed to the information you seek.


attendance with police, social workers, or bailiffs to execute court orders

Primarily (but not exclusively) in Children Act proceedings we are able to arrange and coordinate service of a court order with its execution. This will require liason with, typically, the local police and Social Services to ensure all goes smoothly, mindful of the welfare of the child or children concerned.


oaths and statutory declarations

Our in-house solicitor is able to hear oaths and statutory declaration (where no conflict of interest arises). We are also able to attend to witness legal documents, where a witness is needed. You may find this service particularly useful where time is of the essence or where, for example, your client is relatively immobile or in hospital. This may well be the cost-effective solution.

‘We have always been extremely impressed with the professionalism and by the level of ongoing communication that we have received for each of our cases.’

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