We are, and always have been, committed to providing an equally efficient service to solicitors’ firms whose clients are legally aided. We are fully conversant with the current Legal Aid Agency contracting regulations under LASPO.

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In your instructions to us please ensure that you mention that your client is legally aided; in turn we will ensure that your invoice is ‘legal aid compliant’ – in other words all activities will be broken down, timed and costed at the unit rate. This will ensure that your claim for payment to the LAA will not be rejected. For the current Legal Aid rates applicable to the work that we may do for you.

Please note however that as a Legal Aid contract holder you are primarily liable for our fees (calculated at the prevailing legal aid rates). If there is a cap or limitation on the expenditure that you may incur in respect of our work please do let us know at the outset and then we will not unwittingly exceed it. We are unable to accept instructions on the basis that payment of our fees is dependent on the Legal Aid Agency subsequently allowing some or all of the expenditure on assessment.


We are aware that in holding a Legal Aid contract your firm will have accreditation, such as Lexcel or the Specialist Quality Mark. Hand in hand with that is the requirement for you to maintain an Experts Register (maybe you call it a Register of Third Party Providers, or Register of Subcontractors). Whatever the label, you need to justify your use of us – we understand that!

To help you, [click here] to download our Technical Specification (as we call it). We believe this download contains all the information you need to comply with the justification requirements. We hope it helps!

And with the serious business out of the way, we wish to reaffirm our commitment to your legal aid practice. You will not receive a second class service.

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‘We have always been extremely impressed with the professionalism and by the level of ongoing communication that we have received for each of our cases.’

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